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AMD Phenom II X6 processors specs and pricing revealed

By Jos ยท 32 replies
Mar 22, 2010
  1. This is the best news I could've possibly heard at the moment.

    I currently have a core 2 duo E8500, and I was loathe to have to get rid of my processor, motherboard AND memory simply to upgrade to an i7 or i5.
    With this, I can upgrade to a 6-core chip, even with a new motherboard purchase, for less than the cost of just a new Intel processor! Fantastic news.
  2. Very well done AMD.. im gonna build up a x6 beast when its released since i cant afford intel procs anymore =D
  3. A little something to say to this princeton prick...

    What is better spending $400 dollars of my hard earned money for a p.o.s. Intel or get something THAT IS MEANT TO BE FOR PEOPLE ON A BUDGET!!! By people on a budget I obviously mean people that don't just go whine and cry all the way to the bank to get money out of the trust fund mommy and daddy set up for them when they were 2 years old with a balance of 1 mil.

    You know that is a lot of money for a young Intel FANBOY to have. you might waste it all in about 5 "top notch" systems.

    I like the color green and prefer to keep a little in the bank and on hand. Please use your brain and think about the purpose of AMD before whining about how much better Intel's parts are.

    Remember CBS Cares!

    To the other Intel fans and followers, I sincerely apologize for my assault and ask that you forgive my rudeness. Intel is a respectable company and great at what they do. That said AMD is also great at what they do. They are really working to ends of the greater purpose. One (Intel) for the most Extreme Computing and All Out Full On Red Eye Effects. The other (AMD) for everything else and Budget Values of the stuff Intel pulls off.
  4. Theyve been benched at 4.2 on air with 2 cores disabled. so if you take that route these chips can provide the best of both worlds (superthreaded or high clocks)
  5. Saw your post and you should be able to push the 940 to 3.5ghz with ease and run nb and htt at 2.0ghz. I am doing this on a lowly asus m3a32 mvp deluxe wifi board and as most know it is a pain in the butt to oc cause of the sb600.
  6. the fact is AMD is very easy to OC the new 6 core will be better than the intel at this even with out the extra 2mb in the long run I see AMD being the road to go unless you just have a lot of cash to burn on the intel chip.
  7. OR you could pay the same amount for a mid-end core-i7 quad core and STILL have greater performance than AMD hexacore.
  8. The clockspeed and whatnot doesn't even quite match up to Intels Turboboost and Hyper-threading. You can OC to 4.2 and have that wear on your PC, or not have to OC at all and have higher performance. It's not only the performance that is better, but Intel has better quality products since the begining.
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