AMD Radeon RX 6800M Review: True Gaming Laptop Competition

You are incorrect. looking at prices in the UK the 6800M models seem to cost around the same as the 3080 laptops. Actually I found a 3080 laptop cheaper than any 6800m laptop.

This is factually inaccurate. The only version of this notebook available in the UK right now is the QHD / 1TB SSD model, for £1900. Notebooks with the 3080 start at £2000, and they're all FHD - you're up to £2150 if you want a QHD display, but that's a 17" whitebook model so it's not directly comparable. The comparably-priced devices were also all using 130W TGP variants of the 3080 and with slower CPUs than the ones that were reviewed here, so any performance advantage they have would be slimmer than is shown in this article.
TL;DR - if you want a 3080 you're paying more, and if you want it to be faster and with good specs all-around then you're paying a lot more.

Your comments about battery life aren't accurate either. Reviews have also consistently shown that this device has extremely good battery life, markedly superior to the vast majority of other gaming laptops - whether AMD / Nvidia or Intel / Nvidia.

As for it being "embarrassing" for AMD that Adobe apps perform poorly, you could just as easily flip that and say it's embarrassing for Adobe that they can only code applications that work well on a limited set of CPUs and GPUs. Nobody doing professional work is outputting their final cuts using QuickSync, though - that's for sure.


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I've been waiting for the mobile RX6000, and this review convinced me to grab the G15. I planned on replacing the RAM and got the Crucial Ballistix 32GB kit of 3200, CAS 16 DDR4. It only runs 2666 with CAS 19. Apparently the AMD laptop will not read the SPD for the XMP profile, and of course there are no UEFI settings for RAM speed/timings.

What RAM kit did you use to level the playing field?


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I don't see an edit option, but I wanted to share what I came up with for the RAM. I found a kit from Oloy (MD4S6132180IZ0DH) rated for 3200 at CAS 18 and 1.2V. It's the first Oloy product I've purchased. According to CPU-Z it is running the rated speeds and timings, so I'd rate it better than the Ballistix kit, at least for use with an AMD CPU.