AMD vs. Intel: The Evolution of CPU Gaming Performance


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I kept my PII x4 940 and even pushed her to 3.71, I used the CPU for a good 4-5 years and I kept hoping that AMD would find a way to make their architecture work better.
I always liked AMD

My first PC build was a Phenom II X4 965 that I absolutely LOVED! I kept it until I had a job working for a boutique PC builder and got an industry discount on an i7 4930k. It was less than 50% of retail pricing, so I jumped at the opportunity to build around that monster CPU. I kept rooting for AMD to get their act together, but it took a lot longer than I expected for them to catch up. When they announced the Zen3 chips, I was finally ready for an upgrade and build a new rig. My 8-year old 4930k was still running well enough I wasn't in a huge hurry to spend $300 on the 5600X, so figured I'd wait for a price drop.

Well, the market went crazy for CPUs & GPUs with everything snagged by bots and reselling above retail, so I bided my time. After a year of waiting, the i7-10700k dropped to $149 at my local MicroCenter and I bought it immediately. While I'm a fan of AMD, I'm also a fan of Intel (and my 4930k) - and an even bigger fan of great deals. With that MicroCenter deal, I'm firmly in the Intel family for another 5+ years - but I'm hoping AMD keeps up the pressure with Zen4 and beyond.