AMD's next-gen Corona desktop platform to fuse CPU with Northbridge

By Shawn Knight · 7 replies
Jul 27, 2011
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  1. It has been revealed via a leaked roadmap that AMD’s next generation enthusiast-level desktop platform will combine the processor silicon with the Northbridge. According to marketing slides obtained by,…

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  2. I am not sure why sites continue to reference the donaminhaber leaked benchmarks. There is some question as to whether they are fake or not. In any case, I wish we had some official benchmarks to look at at this point, but as usual with (at least) AMD releases, we won't see anything official until the processor is released and the review sites are given the green light to publish their results.
  3. ---agissi---

    ---agissi--- TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,978   +15

    Lets all join hands and pray AMD can make some competition for Intel. Cheaper i5s would be all the better :D
  4. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,147   +915

    Come on AMD! get those Bulldozers out the door! PLEASE! I need a new CPU Stat! ;)
  5. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,377   +286

    ...well after all they are Bulldozers :p
  6. My OC'ed 1090T will last till Piledriver comes online, just add a 2nd HD6970 and wait..

    poor AMD, this was a horrible item to have leaked, allot of enthusiasts will just wait for these 2nd gen models.
  7. fpsgamerJR62

    fpsgamerJR62 TS Rookie Posts: 489

    So it's Scorpius / Socket AM3+ versus Sandy Bridge / LGA 1155 while Corona / Socket FM2 squares up against Sandy Bridge-E / LGA 2011. This is going to be very interesting. I hope AMD will not price its FM2 parts as high as Intel's Extreme Edition parts or like the FX CPUs of the past.
  8. There is no question. It has been confirmed that DonanimHaber's information is false by the very source they paid for said information. To refer to it completely destroys the credibility of this article as far as I'm concerned.

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