AMD's upcoming AM5 motherboards might get announced on Monday at Computex

Tudor Cibean

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Why it matters: Next week, AMD will hold a presentation that might give us more details about its upcoming hardware. Afterward, at Computex, motherboard manufacturers are expected to show off their new products based on the AM5 socket.

Computex starts next week, and this will be the first time in two years that the event will be held in person, after being canceled in 2020 and being online-only last year.

Dr. Lisa Su will hold a keynote this Monday (or Sunday, depending on where you live) and may announce some new information about AMD's upcoming Zen 4 CPUs, AM5-based motherboards, and even RDNA3 GPUs.

There are also some new rumors regarding AM5 motherboards, starting with the chipsets. There'll reportedly be three chipsets supporting Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs unveiled next week, comprising the B650, X670, and X670E.

The two higher-end units will supposedly feature a dual-chiplet design, combining two B650 chips for increased I/O capabilities. Claims indicate the main difference between the X670 and its "Extreme" counterpart is that X670E will feature mandatory support for PCIe 5.0 for both the graphics card and storage, with X670 relegated to Gen 4 for one or both.

All AM5 motherboards will reportedly only support DDR5 memory, unlike Intel's LGA 1700-based boards, which come with either DDR4 or DDR5 support. Hopefully, by the time these come to market, DDR5 memory will be more sensibly priced.

There's also a press release from Gigabyte confirming that it will show off X670 motherboards at Computex. Additionally, in a video that's now private, ASRock accidentally revealed its flagship X670E Taichi board, which features a 26-phase VRM design and Thunderbolt 4 support.

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I'd be interested to see if they are also announcing their Zen 4 Threadrippers
Desktop TR is pretty much dead.
It's all TR Pro now and Lenovo has exclusive rights to sell it.

Supply issues are hurting AMD, so TR makes even less sense. In fact, word is TR was never meant to be long term.


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If people hated DDR5 so much as an OPTION on Intel systems....
Imagine if AMD was first to market with their DDR5 only platform!


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Let's hope that dual chipset chiplets will improve I/O to decent level for people who want some beefy connectivity without going EPYC.

I know I'm hoping too much, but it would be really nice if consumer CPUs got PCIe lanes bump to say 40 or 48. Expecting Threadripper to come now only in Pro variant or EPYC so something has to fill the void left by the X399/TRX40.

Mr Majestyk

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The sooner more DDR5 products come out the better. We have to start sometime, and things will slowly improve on price and supply but only if there is demand. No one is forcing you to upgrade. Just bide your time.