American Airlines testing in-flight streaming video system


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If they have wifi on their planes it seems unlikely I would want to pay to stream video for their limited selection.
Too many other free place to stream shows from or a lot of people have Netflix memberships now.
Unless their wifi network is too slow for 1/2 the people on the plane to be streaming from Netflix. But then I think I would just watch videos saved to my laptop. Rips some DVD's to it or something as I would guess the airline is going to charge large amounts for streaming videos.


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I flew Virgin To South Afirca from London, Fantastic in flight entertainment, 100s of programs and movies to choose from, very good picture quality, and some great albums catering for all tastes of music as well. And on the way back it was all different.

#I flew AA From London to Miami.

Horrible in flight entertainment, Lacking content, The sound was really bad, the programs where really lame, it took ages to start up and it was not on demand you had to wait for a ''showing'' off the program which was up to 20 min wait sometimes, Pathetic really never flying AA for long Haul again. And it was the same stuff on the way back, when the Website said its different on the way back, Way back was the worst becuase I had watched everything! Oh and it was the 2nd of the Month and I was exsited about the films the website they had listed, but they Still had all of the Previous months stuff on the new month had not been put on and even a week later on the way back still the previous months content.


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This will be great news for people who have Wi-Fi devices with no storage capacity whatsoever.

Unless you're going to be in the air for a few days, or are one of those people who needs to know what happened on Glee while you were over the Pacific, you'll just load up your Wi-Fi device with whatever you want to watch, and watch it.

They'd probably make tons more money if they charged people to plug in their laptops/tablets/phones into some kind of outlet to keep the juice going during a 12 hour flight.

And then there are books...