An Error Occurred When Troubleshooting


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PC / Windows 7 / HP Envy 5530 :

This error has been occurring whenever I attempt to run "Troubleshoot"; today it's related to my printer.

www searches re the 0x8007000e code seem to indicate it is related to a drive corruption issue -- haven't figured out what to do about that.


- Devices & Printers shows my HP 5530 has a problem

- Attempting to determine what via Troubleshooting is a failure

- Attempting to delete the printer is a failure, so I cannot reinstall

Any info/direction? Much appreciated.


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Your hardware is now very old and has served you well. If possible buy a new Windows 11 system and printer. Otherwise, you are soon going to be spending more time trying to fix issues rather than using it. You are of course regularly backing up up those important files that you have amassed over the years.