Android apps used by millions vulnerable to data theft

By Jos
Oct 22, 2012
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  1. Security researchers at the Leibniz University of Hanover have released a study showing that more than 1,000 legitimate Android apps, out of a sample of 13,500 popular apps from the Google Play market, contain inadequate SSL protections that could leave...

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  2. Lets be honest here, if someone wanted to illegally obtain data from a cell phone and they were good at what they do, it wouldn't matter what app they used. Plain & simple the apps should not have any access to internal information on the phone other than the hardware & OS setup. I know there are exceptions for "Text messaging apps" but people download games which prompt you to give them access to nearly ALL your phone information. That shouldn't even be legal, why would a game app need to record the actions that I take on my phone? Because mass data sells.

    This article seems like one of many targeted towards anti-Android, I'm sure the Apple Store has 110% protected apps that NO ONE can break into...right?
  3. So basically, a group of security experts hacked into a phone on an unsecured Wifi connection.


    Where were the iPhones to test this on?

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