Android file transfer and Mac


unable to get android file transfer to connect to my phone via my mac

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  2. asks to restart device

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By seahawk377 ยท 8 replies
Aug 31, 2013
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  1. Unable to connect to phone with file transfer
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,473   +126

    Very easy to do today.
    Go to Google Play Store and Download File Manager Free by: Rhythm Software
    Also download App
    Get a account
    Create a Folder and let's call it Android.
    Now back on your Android device
    Open File Manager by Rhythm Software
    Select the file and folder where the file is.
    Press and hold down on the file
    Select Share
    Share file using...... Box
    Back on the Mac open Box
  3. Gray Tait

    Gray Tait TS Rookie

    Hi, this is a slightly different thing. I was able to run File transfer and I dragged a couple of Audible Books and a Music video I have in iTunes on my Mac and I put them into folders somewhere on the Android, but where. I can't find them. How do I get to them to play.
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,473   +126

    Use Archos Video Player Free with Free Archos Video Codes. Got to look for these two on Play Store on Android. This program can access NAS (network area storage) device SMB files. Should be able to access your MAC systems. You have have to test that. Android make sure you save files to your micro sd card. You can't want to fill up the internal storage memory which is called NAND. Depending on what model you have for Android. Also download Android Assistant. That will moved download/installed apps from the NAND to the micro sd card. Make sure that the Micro SD card is 16GB to 32GB.
  5. Gray Tait

    Gray Tait TS Rookie

    Wow thanks for all that. I have been running Macs for 20 years and have trouble betting my head around Windows and Android. Can you actually tell me where the auiobooks are on the Android. I can't fin them. I am not sure if they will even work of course. When I dragged then from the Mac's Finder onto the File Transfer window, and put them into specific folders, I thought I would be able to see them on the Android but so far can't do so.
  6. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,473   +126

    I am not a MAC guy, I started back in the day with IBM punch cards programming with them in COBOL,other codes, DOS back in the late 80s, Windows early 90's 3.1, 3.11 started programming in C++ OO etc 91 to 2001 over 20 apps and 67 games created. 2003 to mid 2010 Linux Network Media Players Coding, Then Android in 2010 I wrote ROMs for Android over 100 ROM and still going into 2014 doing the same. Over 40 tablets, 15 smartphones. Not even touch the surface with servers OS, and client OS. But no MAC. I've work with it but never own them.

    Its good to learn from each other. Your issue is simple one since all I do is program in Android today but in hand I would with Windows and Android since both can be use today in what I do since 2010.

    Do this, take the micro SD card or full SD card whichever tablet you have insert into your MAC if it your MAC doesn't support media card storage then get an USB 15-in-1 reader/writer. Since I don't do MAC you would have look into that. All my systems have that feature built in Windows system. Copy the files to a folder an Android that app will see them and run the media or what I do use NSA 325 from ZyXEL. That can hold up to 6 TB of storage. They have Android app for that NAS too.

    Think of the NAS a another computer that doesn't have Monitor or keyboard or mouse. It's always on 24/7 but uses less energy since it so small Holds 2 HDD. Place that on the network that can hold your collection of videos. I record HDTV 1080i on my Windows 7 64-bit that but you need Windows system to play it back because of the format MS uses. I use laptops, netbooks, tablet and desktop to watch what has been recorded. Most are connect to the HDTV via HDMI. Then I use Logitech Harmony Remote and USB IR on Computer then you can control the PC with the TV.

    That's how I do it on the Windows side. I am sure MAC as something like that for MAC PC side.
  7. Gray Tait

    Gray Tait TS Rookie

    Thanks again. I have had some good success. I find the files I had transferred as an experiment, in a folder called My files and I can see and play a movie no trouble. It is now files I bought from that I listen to on the Mac of my iPhone that I would like to play. I can see them in the folder Audible I created and put them into on the tablet. but it can't find any app to play them. They appear to be audio files, so I will have a poke around and see what Android app will play them
  8. Gray Tait

    Gray Tait TS Rookie

    Found some app called Audible that deals with the files I have downloaded from the Mac, but it also takes me to so I can download files straight from there to my tablet. So I am sorted for the moment until the next Android crisis. That for your help.
  9. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,138   +985

    I have some devices {dumb phone and digital camera} which I move data to/fro the wifes Mac thusly

    Map her share to my pc.
    connect my device to the pc
    Access the device files { using some PC application like Picasa }, copy to the mapped Mac share

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