Android.process.lghome stopped working after prompted system update

By Lokalaskurar
Jul 27, 2011
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  1. So the story is this:

    I bougt myself a LG Optimus 2x (also referred to as 'model P990') along with a brand new 32GB μSD card. It natively uses the Android 2.2.2. OS.

    I installed the smartphone accordingly, set up my personal preferences, and it worked like a charm! I absolutely loved it.

    So I used it as a multimedia handheld, watching YouTube, shot some video, took some pictures.

    And then, this afternoon, I was prompted to do a System update! So I agreed to the terms, and the smartphone shut down in order to update its software.

    "Performing Software Update, the handheld will reboot once completed!"

    (The whole update was performed via Wi-Fi with 3G-data transmission turned OFF (saves money :) )

    The smartphone rebooted, and everything was like I left it. Normal. Same background and everything.

    I used it like normal for about one half hour and shut it off.

    Once I rebooted again; the problem appeared:


    Problem time:

    During startup, the SIM-unlocking screen appears (along with my standard background).
    I enter the SIM-key and continue.

    The unlock-screen appears, I enter my code, I press OK.
    Wham! Error message: (translated)

    "The program YouTube (process has been interrupted in an unusual way. Try again."

    I am prompted with two options: 'Force termination', and 'Report'.

    I press 'Force termination' - that LG YouTube thingy have always been a bit iffy.

    But what's this? Another error message!

    "The program LG (the process android.process.lghome) has been interrupted in an unusual way. Try again."

    I am only prompted with one option: 'Force termination'

    But it's looped! Once I press 'Force termination', I am once again prompted with the same message! Over and over again...

    I cannot use the phone!


    I want to fix this problem. Any suggestions?

    Other details: My home router/switch is very iffy, it crashes often, and was infact in its crashed state when I began writing on this message. My greatest fear is that the router crashed during the software update, currupting some files.

    Sure hope not.

    I need your divine help guys and gals... :(

    WCS: I have the "proof of purchase note" and a 14-day return guarantee. Unless I get this problem fixed before August 1, I'll simply return it in exchange for store credit.

    Edit: I cannot access the phone via USB-cable, the computer simply refuses it (probably as it requires the smartphone to be set in 'Mass Storage Mode'). Although I have a μSD to SD converter - so I can put stuff on the 32GB storage card if necessary.

    Edit 2: I've heard of the button-combination hard reset option for the P-920. And I suppose there is one for the P-990 as well? I have all my imagery and data stored on the external memory. I can bear a hard reset, but in that case, I'd like to know if somebody knows the button combination?
  2. Lokalaskurar

    Lokalaskurar TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 544

    For all of you who glanced at the previous post; I'm going to hard reset it after all. The combination is: remove battery -> insert battery -> hold 'lower sound' -> hold 'on' -> release both 'lower sound' and 'on' once boot finishes.

    I'll lose about 3GbB configuration data... and I'm unsure whether I'll ever look at a LG smartphone if this ever happens again. :(

    Whether this thread stays open for archive purposes or not, I don't really care. However, if someone comes up with any good tips if this was to ever happen again, I'm very happy to read them!

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