Android Wear can now help you locate your phone

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Mar 20, 2015
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    Google is always looking at ways to expand upon the functionality in Android Wear, which explains why the company has recently launched a new feature that will help you locate your phone in the event that it goes missing.

    The functionality is provided through the Android Device Manager, which helps users secure and also locate their smartphones. Previously, users would have to use a computer or another smartphone to access the find my phone feature, but an update to Android Wear is making the whole process much easier.

    By saying "Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone" to your Android Wear device, or by tapping on the Find My Phone option in the launcher, your phone will begin ringing at full volume. As it will begin ringing even if your phone is set to silent mode, you'll be able to locate it if you're reasonably close by.

    Google says that the feature will be rolling out to all Android Wear devices over the next few weeks, and it won't require you to download an app or enable anything in the settings menu.

    Unfortunately Google hasn't been able to harness Bluetooth signal strength to pinpoint the location of your phone without ringing it. Having a virtual radar on your wrist would be cool, but for now we'll have to make do with Google's audio-based find my phone solution.

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  2. mailpup

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    Now if only we can locate a missing Android Wear device.
  3. OortCloud

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    It's on the charger because unlike a normal watch that's where these things spend most their lives.
  4. Badelhas

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  5. matrix86

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    Shoot, my Moto 360 lasts me a full day, no problem. Still have plenty of juice left over when I put it on the charger at night. Seriously, what are people doing to wear the battery down so quickly?

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