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Anonymous to NATO: do not challenge us

By Emil ยท 113 replies
Jun 10, 2011
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  1. jonelsorel

    jonelsorel TS Rookie Posts: 72

    How about if your govt wakes up one day - hypothetically speaking - thinking that you know too much for its own well-being, and decides to fancy your face behind some bars?

    Do you really think that all those heavy names that got hacked along the years (Nasa, FBI, and the list goes on for a mile) really shared with you ALL the times they got f****ed? Or the extent of the information breached?

    Do you really think that someone smart enough to hack into the NSA or FBI is stupid enough to leave tracks so that you can see his name in a newspaper 2 months before a new law's to pass to "protect the people" from the dangerous cyberattackers out to steal their identities and MONEY..

    And electronic voting machines are 100% foolproof?

    Nobody asks you to know humanity's whole history by heart. Just focus on the last 20 years.

    Ask. Think.
  2. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    yeah governments do bad things, but there will always be governments and you cant stop that.
    I would rather be led by the U.S. government than the taliban.
    as said by guest @ 3:43 the government is a necessary evil.
    be glad that our government is better than most.

    most citizens won't be affected because they monitor suspected terrorists. what reason would they have to monitor someone with no suspicious records? and in the event that they do, big ****ing deal. they're trying to keep the country safe by rooting out possible terrorist suspects. How is their spying going to hurt you anyways? it's just paranoid thinking everyone is out to get you.

    i agree, and if china decided to stop loaning the U.S, Government money, we would all be screwed. have fun dealing with a 14.5 trillion dollar debt. to those who don't know, it's better to be in debt or to have high unemployment than high inflation. High inflation will just destroy the entire U.S. economy. To prevent this, the U.S. government has lowered tax rates, to lower inflation and eventually increase jobs as the economy recovers.

    part of the problem is due to the incompetence of the U.S. government to regulate the economy. The recession was started by a loophole that allowed big companies to basically gamble by selling subprime mortgages to people that can't afford them. and the same companies were bailed out by us, the taxpayers, because they were "too big to go bankrupt" While the individuals selling those mortgages made hundreds of millions. Another problem is large US companies using offshore subsidiaries to reduce the amount of taxes they pay. If i remember correctly, i think google pays 1% in taxes while your average joe pays 30%. And there are the wall street big shots paying 15% in taxes because they risk their money in the stock market only....... they don't. They're using someone elses' money; no risk and extra money.
  3. jonelsorel

    jonelsorel TS Rookie Posts: 72

    Amazing to see how some of you bright and fortunate enough to use a computer do their thinking in terms of media-fed bullshit and hollywood movie cliches...

    60 years of television achieved more than 2000+ of religion..
  4. jonelsorel

    jonelsorel TS Rookie Posts: 72

    What's the "greater good"? Aren't you a perfect citizen, quiet, taxpaying, likes being kept in the dark..

    Some people really like wearing leashes all their life it seems. Makes them feel warm and comfortable..

    Starts when parents say "don't go wondering beyond the block" when you're a kid, and never stops.

    Seriously? I'm conviced you're serious. Just not inquisitive enough.
  5. jonelsorel

    jonelsorel TS Rookie Posts: 72

    OMG! You heard about what the taliban do? Where, Al Jazeera, or FOX?

    Do you happen to know anything about governments BETTER than your own (more civil rights/liberties, better social policies, etc) ? Can you list 5..?

    Terrorist.. the word of the f****g century! What's funny is that it defines both sides..
  6. They will get it eventually. Not today, not tomorrow,, but sometime, they will be caught. They will threaten the wrong people.
  7. jonelsorel

    jonelsorel TS Rookie Posts: 72

  8. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    lol the taliban persecutes the Shi'a ethnic group
    no women's rights
    they have a basic disregard for the rights of their citizens in general
    they house terrorists like the al'queda
    they don't have stuff like social security
    *******........ such ignorance

    i have never denied that the US government is evil and selfish, but its the lesser of the evils. so, i for one, am grateful to live in conditions that many don't have.
  9. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    The way you guys are talking about governments is: it has to be perfect or it should just be completely destroyed.
    1. you should be grateful for the rights you have now.
    2. The U.S. government is not hopelessly corrupt. If your want change, bringing down a government won't do ****. Another equally, or more, corrupt government will take it's place. You should be voting and trying to spread awareness of the current issues. If you have a decent basis for a government, keeping building on it and it will get better, and better. Think about all the advancements various governments around the world have made in the past few centuries. For the most part, they will only continue to improve(even if it is slowly).
  10. No I just think governments should be serving us. The people who put them where they are and pay for the things they do.

    Not the bankster's and corporations that make it worth there while, to strip away or right's and freedom for profit and greed.

    The governments are nothing more than a front. Puppets for the real power and money men. A.K.A. Rothchilds, rockerfeller's and likewise.

    There out of control and they don't care about us.
  11. sicarii

    sicarii TS Rookie

    "socially inept basement dwellers" Wow... for someone that signed on as "guest" Looks to me your afraid of what these so called "socially inept basement dwellers" might know about you..

    If information was free like the interent was set out to be "to exchange ideas and knowelge freely" then the profit mongers for algoriths would not have their silly little secerts compromised.
    Hack the Planet..
  12. LONG LIVE ANONYMOUS!!!! God bless those guys! I mean, they are part of the little power left to the people... can't you guys tell!? Government AND corporations are the enemy here NOT anonymous... do you think they are the bad guys!? Come on! That exact stupid attitude will only make them see the truth about you all! What truth!? It is OUR freedom the reason of their activism and we reply to their help deeming them "basement dwellers" (by the way the one who originally posted this must be as ignorant as a donkey) and criminals!??? You open your mouth without thinking first what you are about to say! REAL criminals are governments, corporations! Do a little (or better said thorough) research before speaking... READ! Read about government's disguised crimes, along with their corporation's friends!... Oh and by the way, a note for everyone who believes Osama Bin Laden is dead... don't be stupid LOL Osama's family has been friends of the Bush family for a LOOOOONG time, they own and help each other in the oil business and knowing this info only takes some reading... and of course a brain and I don't know if you've got one... ROTFL!!! do you really think Osama's body was "respected and properly disposed according to his religious tradition"!? and you believe they killed him without even seeing a sign of the body!? LOL that's funny and if we can believe them, then let me tell you a secret... both Elvis and Lennon are alive and we are here chatting in my room but they can't go out and shout it aloud because that would cause a public uproar... but believe me they are here with me! lol... LONG LIVE ANONYMOUS!!!
  13. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Posts: 191

    To the guest above me, I know why you posted as a guest... :head shake:
    Please think before speaking/typing.
    Your post has very little to back it up and seems more like you venting off some steam, then actual thoughtful consideration of the world.
    I am not trying to pick a fight or be closed minded, just bring more evidence and less caplocks next time you want to post something.
  14. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,027   +197

    Wouldn't the UN times be better spent overthrowing genocidal African warlords mining blood diamonds? Or feeding the starving children of the world? Wait there's no money in that. Starving children and oppressed people do not pay there campaign contributions.
  15. What's wrong with the caplocks?
    Posting as a guest is a good way of letting people speak their mind (and that is a great thing)
    By the way the name is Jorge if that makes you more comfortable
    It is a good thing that you have learned something from my post... thinking before speaking is an amazing thing to learn...
    I hope my reply isn't branded a fight, because it isn't...
    About backing my post what would you think I have to back up??? Well I have to admit it I was venting some steam as you said LOL but that isn;t a bad thing...
    actual thoughtful consideration of the world... that's what I would like ALL the people to do and then this would be a better place :S
    Oh and again, what needs backing up?
    The FACT (yes caplocks again!) that politics ALL OVER the world are each day more and more worried about corporations and less about people itself?
    The FACT that Anonymous is (directly) helping out (in a heterodox way of course) the people by means better than those established?? Trying to teach a lesson to those eager to squeeze every penny and piece of freedom, and dignity out of you AND me???
    The FACT that this sixth time the US government said Osama was dead (this time for real LOL) their explanation and COA was ridiculous and illegal to say the least? The fact that we are not getting ONE SINGLE proof of his death other than their own (absurd and hilarious) explanation?
    The FACT that the Bush family and the Bin Ladens are close friends AND that Bush Oil Co has already began expansion overseas at the cost of WAR itself?
    I mean there is an enormous load of irregularities around 9/11 that NO ONE in GOVERNMENT (you see? thy are the real enemy) is even willing to make clear? That is not yet a FACT I can talk about but at least there is doubt and lies all around that... to ANYONE willing to know about those "irregularities" PLEASE make some reading about the topic WITHOUT REGARDING it a bunch of crap... JUST READ about it... only that... that's the only way to get knowledge and be eery day less of an ignorant...
    NO fight picking, just trying to make pepole open their eyes... and use their brains of course...
    and again
  16. It's no coincidence that all these hacking attacks come when Draconian anti-internet bills are being considered by many governments. "Anonymous" isn't helping because they just will contribute to the solution which would be bad for all of us.
  17. **** nato! gay *** imperialistic sadistic buncha yuppies. Europe needs to grow some balls and start acting democratically the very thing they were supposed to protect!
  18. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Used to? They've been doing it for the past few weeks from what I've seen on /b/. I actually find it funny because the people who run habbo are so strict that they actually do searches to ban people who fit the anon description.
  19. ""socially inept basement dwellers" Wow... for someone that signed on as "guest" Looks to me your afraid of what these so called "socially inept basement dwellers" might know about you.."

    lol, you realize you are defending a group called "anonymous" that refuse to use their real names? Making those comments about a guest poster make you look like a complete retard.
  20. @the one above me...
    COME ON!!! For god's sake! of course they couldn't unveil their names! you sound pretty much like a retard making that kind of statements! if you were to make activism in a REALLY effective way, such as Anonymous does, would you really use your real name? I mean they make that kind of attacks because that's something the world listens to... In this world NO ONE would listen to you if you were to go out and organize a sit-in just to be wiped out by local police... or if you were to write to your local congressman... if you believe that kind of action really accomplishes something well go ahead and try until you get an answer... Anonymous is making one hell of an amazing job
    So what then? you want their real names? so governments and corporations can quickly do away with them and continue behaving the way they want? crushing people in their way to pursuit more and more money? each day enslaving us a little bit more, each day losing more liberties??? Well then I guess you love it that way then! PLEASE!!! USE YOUR BRAIN!!!
  21. Wing-01

    Wing-01 TS Rookie Posts: 47

    I thought this might interest the people here, I am sure the connection has been done in other forums, but here it goes.
    I look at Anonymous and see big similarities between the anime series, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (1st Season).
    I know this is a work of fiction but you can?t say it ?s not similar. I thought people who are interested in this Anonymous could watch this anime, if not for the connection between them and the ?Laughing Man? but just as damn good entertainment.

    I know quoting Wiki is not very reliable but please humour or give it a chance.
    ?The Laughing Man's kidnapping of the head of Serano Genomics was actually a spontaneous act, and he did not strike again until some six years later. However, following the kidnapping there was, for some time, a large wave of "Laughing Man"-related graffiti attacks, corporate vandalism and extortion. It was later revealed that a corrupt power cabal in the Japanese government used the sudden appearance of the Laughing Man to their own advantage by carrying out acts of corporate sabotage, then heavily using the "Laughing Man" motif in order to fool the media into thinking it was the Laughing Man's doing, thus shifting suspicion from themselves and their illegal actions.?
    Also I thought this was funny and true in both cases.
    ?"The Laughing Man" became something of a pop culture obsession. Much to the chagrin of the actual Laughing Man - the irony being that since everybody used his icon and name for their own purposes, the original meaning of his actions, an artful forced confession of the truth through fear in the public eye, became "phony" itself. The effort to stand for and demand the truth was also lost forever. A further irony is that the Laughing Man icon itself is a retooling by the Laughing Man of the fictional Starchild Coffee company logo (itself a reference to the Starbucks logo) and the Sunflower Society logo.?

    Anyway is interesting this work of fiction has so many similarities, coincidence?

    Finally like the ?War On Terror? which can never have no end, isn?t this the same, giving governments the tool to give to the public appearances of Good Vs Evil, USA Vs USSR, Allies Vs Nazis, Catholic Church and the Inquisition, or a simple witch hunt, to keep us all entertained and to not see the bigger picture?
  22. anonymous have nothing to do with liberty. just a bunch of kids who got stuffed in lockers while in high school and now want to act like they are someone, when in fact they are still losers. the people defending them are even bigger losers.
  23. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ...

    this isn't a simple war where the strongest win. if the government or some military force is subject to any form of attack, whether it be cyber or with articles in newspapers, they have the necessary resources to counter attack & even if seem unfair, the law is in their hands.

    pushing any 'governing authorities' may be needed some times (rebellion) but may be bad when not for good reasons & can lead to anarchy or enforced laws.

    hackers have access to too many dangerous stuffs & if they continue to show what they can, those B-series movies or even some great blockbuster movies about them would make 'us' the people become paranoid.

    the authorities being human (well until proven otherwise ;) ) ... they will act accordingly, even if they never win the war.

    who would not turn down a friend who could be a possible hacker when you can get a reward for it, mostly after yourself been a victim at some point.

    why won't military forces not be used to track down those 'new form terrorists' when people life's at stake, even if they never had blood on their hands.

    hackers aren't the only geniuses in this world & there's always someone who is better, so they'd better stop their deeds before it's too late.

  24. fpsgamerJR62

    fpsgamerJR62 TS Rookie Posts: 489

    Anonymity on the Net is an illusion. If someone really wants to find you, you will be found unless you are willing to be cut off entirely from Net. And a word of advice to our hacker friends - if you piss off the wrong kind of people, you're going to need more than your keyboard and mouse to survive.
  25. LOL more than your keyboard to survive, and about pissing the wrong guys... don't you think banks, corporations and governments have at least one of those "wrong guys"?? Don't you think the guys at Sony didn't REALLY want to find them? or were they just playing games than? I mean I am no hacker myself but I wouldn't say that... Annymous has proven wrong...

    The fact that "the law is in their hands" doesn't automatically give them the right to retaliate in any way they desire
    Currently I think it is for VERY good reasons, but believe me... it is not anarchy what they want, their attacks aren't structured nor planned that way
    Movies show many many things, but we must recognize real menaces to our freedom even if they are in movies, that doesn't mean it is far from reality
    I wouldn't turn down a friend, it turns out not all of us can be "bought"
    Military forces are not toys, they are not to be used against ANY threat, and the fact that the US is willing to treat cyber attacks the same way as kamikaze attacks (that is, military response) is SO off scale, and immature as stoning a boy who threw eggs at your home
    You make a pretty clever statement, about hackers not being the only geniuses in the world... but just think about this... why are they getting soooo much attention and power recently?? because the net is one of the very little "free" ways of acting and speaking your mind (i know it isn't completely free) and one of the fields in which the valuable stuff is knowledge and NOT money, contrary to any other money-influenced ways of expression... mass media? you say? all those news are what they want to say and not more... so, the point is... Anonymous is taking advantage of one of the only ways someone can really change the current situation

    And of course Anonymous has everything to do with liberty either it is the Anonymous way of writing to the local congressman, or participating in sit-ins that can be soo easily be wiped out so there are no more choices left...

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