Anonymous to NATO: do not challenge us



Most movements in society are infiltrated by agent provocateurs.

If you start a movement against the government with a others, it's not hard to tell an agent provocateur from the real activist. They always call for violence to set up the group.

Notice at globalist protests such as WTO, G8, G20, etc where the Black Bloc is often used, many of the more violent ones are police officers in disguise. This is meant to give the reason for the police to shut down the police with force.

Anonymous has no checks and balances on people using that name. I can assume that the agent provocateurs in Anonymous are setting Anonymous up for something big.


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Anonymous has no checks and balances on people using that name.
Sounds like perfect criteria for allowing a faceless grouping of anonymous entities to act as World Policemen and arbiters of decency, commerce and human rights.
I can assume that the agent provocateurs in Anonymous are setting Anonymous up for something big.
Conversely, it could also be that Anonymous is populated with a group of dissaffected, self-entitled young guys seeking to validate the amount of time they choose to spend closeted away from mainstream society, whilst simultaneously finding an outlet for unresolved personal conflicts and indulging in adolescent humour.
If we were to apply Occam's razor, which scenario is likely to apply?


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Princeton said:
Zecias said:
OMG! You heard about what the taliban do? Where, Al Jazeera, or FOX?

Do you happen to know anything about governments BETTER than your own (more civil rights/liberties, better social policies, etc) ? Can you list 5..?

Terrorist.. the word of the f****g century! What's funny is that it defines both sides..
lol the taliban persecutes the Shi'a ethnic group
no women's rights
they have a basic disregard for the rights of their citizens in general
they house terrorists like the al'queda
they don't have stuff like social security
*******........ such ignorance

i have never denied that the US government is evil and selfish, but its the lesser of the evils. so, i for one, am grateful to live in conditions that many don't have.
It's the lesser of two evils. And one of the most evil of all of the governments in the world. Canada, the UK, Sweden and Norway all have better governments than the united states of america.

Being better than the taliban isn't impressive when you're still a bad government to begin with.
every one of those governments you listed are still evil....
The countries you listed you don't do anything. Even though they should be enforcing international laws, but it's not in their interests so they do nothing. While the United States goes to war to maintain their image and control the energy supplies in the middle east. Still entering a war for evil reasons, but at least they're doing some good.
So you're basically saying if there is this guy being beaten to death(and you have the ability to stop it), the people that just ignore him and walk away aren't as evil as those who help him only because there is a reward in doing so. I don't believe that you are morally just if you leave someone to die when you have the ability to prevent it.
I really don't know too much about the history of foreign countries, but i'm positive most countries are just as shady as the US. That's just the world that we live in today.


It can be true that Anonymous is full of adolescents that are getting jacked up at taking down authority. The caution here is these adolescents can be easily used as pawns by government agents that know how to run psy-ops.

Another point I like to introduce into this discussion is the Latin meaning of the word government can be translated as "control mind". Keep that in our minds (no pun intended) with future Anonymous news.


Anonymous are just a bunch of butthurt looser hackers with no real job who sit in their mothers basements hacking because they have nothing else better to do and beleive that they are doing it for 'the people' when really the people dont give two craps about them.


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The internet needs retooled, this is so f***ing obvious!

IEEE and/or the ISO needs to get NEW task force or something to get this rolling, it's past due, this technology has grown far beyond control in it's current state.

The atrocious amount of SPAM/Porn if nothing else, has proven this, let alone the apparent ease of hacking into systems.


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Guest said:
Do you guy's know who the real criminal's are? I doubt it.

The American government, British government ect. Commit more crimes than all the other so called criminals and terrorist put together.

911, the war on Afghanistan/Iraq. The C.I.A. are known to bring drugs into countries just to name a few. Not to mention the attacks on Libya, are illegal and unconstitutional.

How the hell can you defend Governments, Politician's or corporation's. They have been screwing you for years and killing millions of people along the way.


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It is fun to see how americans still believe after all those documentaries that 9/11 was caused by taliban.
Fun and sad at the same time


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You're missing the point.

It's not even a hydra. It's a worm. Not simply an organisation, but anyone willing to call themselves Anonymous.

If you crush one cell, then another will open up. No two cells are the same, no two units operate using the same goals etc.

Where there is a will, there will be a way. The only way NATO would be able to make a win, is to crush the freedom that Anonymous is trying to defend.


To think that FBI and NSA is sitting around waiting for Anon's mercy is a joke. I bet they already have someone infiltrated Anon's network. Anon is no doubt powerful, but they will fall because of their arrogance and ruthlessness.

They succeed so far is attributed to mainly one reason - we are in the light and they are in the dark. As in all cases, it's easier to destroy than to build. Anyone who understand the basis of networking and protocols know that data can be easily manipulated to not follow the "rules" (eg. change the bits and bytes). Anyone can learn to destroy, I bet none of Anon's members know how to build a damn thing that contribute to the society cilivilization. Damn bunch of sociopaths.


I never actually approve of Anonymous hackings/threats....until now when Anon threatens that it will hack my country's (Malaysia) government site on June 15th (threat can be viewed here:

Our prime minister promised internet freedom and now the government agency is blocking some sites. This just disgusts me! This is not the first time the PM say something and the gov. agency do something else that contradicts it.

Way to go Anonymous... hack away!


Even though it may be a worm how many of the people under the Anonymous camp are united in a common cause? Do they understand the real issues that are staring down human society now?

Anonymous warning NATO is like a mosquito trying to bite an elephant. Don't make the elephant mad because it will attack. NATO and it's member countries have their own groups of elite hackers that have the luxury of using advanced technology not made available to the general public.

I don't support NATO nor these hacking groups.


your over looking it the gov needs to be exsposed, the truth for the lies they cover up. remember there is no such thing as anonymous. We are an idea.