Another issue with freezing

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Sep 17, 2008
  1. Everytime I start my computer, about 10 minutes after the desktop loads, it will freeze regardless of what I'm doing at the time. I've left it alone to load everything, I've purposely dont several things at once, and everything in between [as dumb as that sonds I thought it was actually a viable idea].

    I have:
    AMD Anthlon 64 2.5GHz 3200+
    1GB RAM, 250GB harddrive as well as 500gb External
    nVIDIA GeForce GT

    I have recently installed a third fan in an attempt to solve the problem to no avail. I have run a Glary Registry Repair in hopes to solve the problem, but I find that I do not have enough time from when I can run a virus scan to when my computer freezes to complete said scan rendering it useless. I can get onto the internet but I rarely have time to spend more than 5 minutes on it before the freeze. Resetting the computer makes no difference, nor did cleaning it. I left it off for an extended period of time which also made no difference whatsoever. Please help - - - I need that cimputer because it has all of my files on it!
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    Did freezing start after any new driver, software, hardware install/changes?
    And what operating system/service pack level are you running?

    Things to try
    1. See if problem happens when you boot into safe mode
    2. Check how much hard disk free space you have? maybe little/none available?
    3. Check your disk for file system errors. When computer starts Start->Run, enter cmd. Then chkdsk /r
      • It'll probably tell you needs to be scheduled on next boot. so reboot to let it run
      • It will make multiple passes on hard drive to check file system integrity and look for bad sectors (i.e. damaged) and try to fix problems
      • DON'T be alarmed if on one of the passes the output appears to hang (is a slooow pass and will look that way esp. if you have a large disk). Just let it run. tho imagine one hour per pass is a reasonable limit if it should really ever hang on you
    4. Try installing a tool like Speedfan to give you output on internal temperatures to see if a problem
    Guess you can start with those and report back
  3. Blootalapia

    Blootalapia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm running Windows XP SP3. The last big change I've made to my computer [before the freezing] was the installation of my EHD, but that was maybe a month prior to this problem. I've tried booting safe mode with networking [as without networking doesn't allow me to do ANYTHING]. I have roughly 180gb free disk space on my C:, and ~330gb on my external. I will try chkdsk, thanks a lot for the help. For my CPU and system temperatures, as well as fan speeds, I use the BIOS, and ATITool.
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    when you say booting into safe mode doesn't allow anything.. you mean it freezes that much quicker? (not sure i follow)

    /******* Edit ****************/
    And, oh yea of course, do you have a bootable CD to use instead of booting from your drive? Like a Windows installation disk?
  5. Blootalapia

    Blootalapia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Attempting to run chkdsk results in a freeze at 21 percent. I've run it thrice now, and I get the same result every time. It was frozen at 21% all night. Unfortunately I'm fairly certain that I no longer have my XP installation disk.

    When running Safe Mode it will freeze in roughly the same amount of time. I meant that it doesn't allow me to do anything in the way of running programs, but I guess that's sort of standard and I realized that the statement was kind of stupid.

    I recently discovered that when running shkdsk or the boot menu that my computer will freeze either when chkdsk is running or when Windows is on the XP loading screen. It's not a software problem, it appears to be a hardware problem. Any way to fix this?
  6. LookinAround

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    well, i'm thinking at this point (as the number of options appear to get smaller)

    1. Find the diganostic test tools from the disk manufacturer (they're usually kept somewhere online) and try running their disk product specifc tools
    2. See what type of disk it so you can
    --- buy an external enclosure with USB cable
    ---- Remove the drive from current computer and put it into the enclosure so can USB to another computer to look at the disk.. and give u a chance to get files

    3, There are some bootable diagnostic disks with lots of handy tools so u'd boot from it then be able to run the tools against your machine BUT
    - kinda late to be building one on yours right now
    - But might be possible to do on a friends if similar setup, identical operating system
    - Look up UBCD4WIN online) (Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows)
  7. Blootalapia

    Blootalapia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Before I do any of this, I want to point a few things out that might change the situation:
    I found my XP installation disk and ran it, and the computer did not freeze during the process. However I didn't install XP a second time because it requires formatting andf I wanted to be sure I had exhausted all options before deleting every file on my C:.
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    Then you try doing a repair install where XP repairs the system files/environments and hopefully that's enough for you to recover from problem (and u don't have reformat/lose data)

    about to run out but sure someone else will be by to see this....

  9. Blootalapia

    Blootalapia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    After all this I am forced to reinstall XP and format my PC. Files are lost. Oh well.

    - We will see if it works once I find my internet connection username/password.
  10. LookinAround

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    no! no!

    did you try the repair install? or something else happen not mentioned since last posting? shouldn't have to do the full install until try repair or other recovery option
  11. Blootalapia

    Blootalapia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The repair install didn't make any difference, and because my computer was stuck on chkdsk (as i said, it kept freezing at 21 percent and wouldnt go any further no matter what I did), I had no other choice.
  12. LookinAround

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    :dead: Ugh

    My other suggestion was gonna be (tho may not make a difference based on what you describe) was either
    1) Booting from a disk which also includes file transfer and diags to have a system to try and chck dsk with, or
    2) Remove the hard drive, buy a cheap external enclosure (you put in enclosure and now just like having an external usb drive) to hookup to anohter computer to try and analyze

    but maybe is all just dead
  13. Blootalapia

    Blootalapia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Right now my life is in shambles [hahaha] -- also I don't really have much money for an external enclosure unfortunately. HOPEFULLY it's not "dead", as you say.
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