Antivirus XP aftermath

By taygunov
Aug 31, 2008
  1. Hello everyone, i have lately gotten that darn Anti-Virus XP thing. I have cleared the virus itself (i hope at least), but now i have stumbled upon many problems. For one, every time i google something it redirects me to some search engine website. Also, i frequently hear the sound of a popup on my computer when i'm not even doing any surfing. On top of all that, when i am trying to download any anti-virus program, when it finishes downloading, i try to click the icon, but it tells me its not a valid win32 program. I tried this with other downloads (games, exe's , etc) and the same problem for all of them! Can someone kindly please help me get past the win32 problem so i may download hijack this, then lead me through fixing my computer ? Thanks in advance !
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