Anyone else looking forward to ArmA 3?

By LambofGod
Sep 12, 2012
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  1. Any one else looking forward to this ?.

    My question would be do you think it's going to be as untouchable as every one makes it sound ?. Any video wich is that of ArmA 3 has endless replies of: "Needs a NASA computer" "well looks like I need a new rig", etc etc etc.
    So is this going to be what Crysis was back in '07 or do you think a moderate computer housing a i5 + 660 would beable to tackle this game ?.

    From what it looks like with the incredible graphic enhancement,and scale of the game compared to ArmA II this WILL need some juice just to get Mid settings.
  2. Dawn1113

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    Arma has always been one of my favorite franchises. The editor got me hooked. If you go over the forums at the Arma II website, you will see it repeated many times: "You don't buy Arma for the campaign, you buy it for the editor." ;)

    I've never been able to play the game on the best settings. Judging from the teasers I've seen, I doubt I will be able to play Arma III anywhere near medium-high settings, as well. But there are ways to work around that and still make the game enjoyable.

    When I create games in the Arma editor I keep the AIs to a minimum -- say 30 AIs to an entire map. I especially try to minimize the aircraft involved in each scenario. You can also disable all the AI features you won't be needing for your particular scenario. Those two things alone can make the gameplay a good deal smoother. (Must say, though, learning to use the editor will take some work -- but once you get the hang of it everything becomes almost automatic.)

    In any case, at least for the games in the ARMA II series, I find that the graphics are good even when confined to low-medium settings. In my opinion, some of the things you hear about the game's hardware requirements are exaggerated. A lot of Arma II enthusiasts run the game on C2Ds, for example. ARMA II does benefit immensely from a generously overclocked CPU, though.

    Hey, maybe I'll bump into you on one of the custom multi-player maps! :)
  3. LambofGod

    LambofGod TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Yeah for sure !. My PC isn't built yet but in 2 weeks it will be all complete other than a graphics card. I will be stuck playing computer easy games for a little whil (Left 4 Dead) but my original plan for this computer was to play ArmA 2. I have wanted a computer that would run that for a long time now. I give it 1 month my and my rig will be 100% where I want it to stand and definantly will be looking for others to play it online with. I will keep you in mind.

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