Anyone having trouble with Yahoo email?

By macx
Nov 13, 2008
  1. Been working fine, all of a sudden wouldn't open new received emails and wouldn't send out new ones and won't connect to chat. Started sometime after midnite last nite.

    The calendar at the bottom won't finish loading, and the "loading" symbol never stops revolving.

    Other things seem to work OK, like this forum - am able to post, also everything seems to load OK. Checked several different sites, all OK.

    Yahoo itself seems to load, but that loading symbol never stops as if some component - probly the email - won't load or install fully.

    EDIT: Ah HA! That just seems to be the case on my desktop in my apartment - the work computer on their intranet-internet connect works fine as does my laptop at work on the separate internet-only network.

    Hmmm. Wonder if my ISP is having problems? Or blocking / cutting traffic or something?

    AND just discovered something else - no matter which computer, a number of emails haven't gotten thru - both sent and ones that have been sent to me.
    Even including several I've sent from my Yahoo email to my wife's separate yahoo email.

    Anyone else having similar Yahoo problems?
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