Apartment Network problem

Ok, so I do not know if this is the right forum or site to ask this question to be honest. It applies to Linux, though more applies to a networking issue.

So here is the problem:
I currently live in an apartment that has its own network that is given to them by their ISP. So my router is getting its ip address from their DHCP server/router and then I give out my own IP address via my own router. So Im trying to be able to SSH into my machine, or even just to remote desktop onto my Windows side. I have my router set up accordingly and I can ssh into my machine when I am on their own network (not my own) but when I am away I cannot (because my routers IP address is unique in the apartment complexes network). Does anyone know a solution to this? I was thinking a VPN into their network and then SSH into my own afterwords. Problem is... I'm really not sure if this is a solution and if so, How do I do it?

Thank you for your time, I hope someone has a solution to my problem


This is a STATIC route or PORT FORWARD problem and without the consent the apartment owner, neither are possible.

Your data flow is
 ISP == Apt.router---Your.router---your.pc
Assume the Apt.router is at address
If yours is anything else, then your lan is isolated from the apt and you have great security.
* to get Public access (eg from work) to your pc, you need to
cross the Apt.router nat, get to your.router and port forward to your pc - - complicated.​
If your.router is on the Apt.lan (meaning you disable DHCP in your router)
you are exposed to all the other apartments,
and still need port forward to your PC, and that requires a FIXED address assignment in the apt.router.​

IMO, the conclusion is this is non-trivial, has dependencies on the good will of the apt owner/tech support guy and requires extra diligence on your systems for security & privacy.
This would need (imo) to be more than just 'I want to play games on the Internet'
Thanks for the information.

Is there a way for the admin to port forward to my router and then have my router port forward to my machine? my router is on a 192.*** and my appt is on 10.** if that matters any. It also may be beneficial to know that my admin lives in another state so he/she may be vpning into the network so that may be an option? The password to the appt network is janky and easy to crack which was the main reason I decided to use my own LAN. Being able to access my files/documents from work/school would be pretty helpful considering I am a CS major and the fastest internet mobile device I have is a chromebook. So development needs to be done either on their machines (via ssh) or my own (also via ssh).

Don't know if anything I said is relevant, but again, Thanks so much for the information and your time


Yes, access is possible if the admin cooperates.

On the Apt router:
Step 1 is to use address reservation (using the MAC of your router) to set an fixed address on that router,
eg, if that router is, set your router (from their perspective) to something like

Step 2 is to port forward to the fixed address just created (​
Understand, whatever port is forward to you, will EXCLUDE it from all other users on the apt.router

On your router, you perform similar action
  • give your pc a fixed address using its MAC
  • port forward xyz to it