Apple acquires one-man startup SnappyLabs

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Apple has acquired one-man photo startup SnappyLabs for an undisclosed sum. The app disappeared from the App Store late last month as did all content from the developer’s website which led some to realize something was up.

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TS Rookie
I wonder what new "technology" he developed to "redesign" how JPG images are "compressed"? If it does it in real time on a plain ARM processor then congrats to him on achieving something that the neither the joint picture expert group or the motion picture expert group with all their multinational resources and years of research seemed willing to achieve. Something tells me though that we are not getting the full story here.

Jad Chaar

Elite Techno Geek
Now this is great. An everyday, yet techy person redesigns how JPG image compression works to make full HD videos at 30FPS. Fantastic.