Apple, book publishers probed over e-book price fixing


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The U.S. Justice Department has warned Apple and five of the country's largest book publishers that it plans to file a lawsuit for their alleged price-fixing of electronic books unless…

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Who didn't see this coming?

Also: "The Journal noted that publishers were uncomfortable with this strategy for fear it would condition customers to think of $9.99 as the price for all books, undercutting sales of pricier titles."

--It should be noted that the actual manufacture of most books is far less than $9.99; I realize this is no justification for saying profits shouldn't be made, but a statement like that above suggests that publishers would be losing money on a $9.99 book, when in fact unless it's a brand new (and by brand new I mean completely original, where none of the previous edition content was used) physics textbook where the publisher had to pay out the wazoo for images and other copyrighted content, no one is losing money. The ridiculous profits made by the big 5 publishers is a well-kept secret, and I, for one, am happy to see the e-book revolution making them sweat a little.