Apple could lose the rights to the iPhone name in Brazil next week

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Apple will reportedly lose the right to use the iPhone trademark in Latin America in the near future. A source familiar with the decision recently told Reuters that Brazil’s copyright regulator will strip Apple of the rights and award it...

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I'd give them $60 million to pursue the fight in every country on the planet to take the name away from Apple which has no right to it. Make Apple recall all their stevePhones and rename them.


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Karma's a *****. Apple sues everyone for IP infringement, now they're being sued over intellectual property.
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Yeah! And while we are at it, Pepsi change your name, and Chevrolet, find another name. Hey Gillette, give it up. You guys have no rights to your name.


Just remove iPhone from Brazil these law suit as to stop, at the end it's always the user who paid for it

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In fact, Gradiente has released this video clarifying the confusion and explaining the differences between both products. They were surprisingly honest, telling that Apple's product is much faster, has higher resolution and lots of other bells and whistles, while the Brazilian counterpart is quite a simpler device. But (and this a J Lo but), it allows you to use two chips simultaneously. Because you know, we need one for the wife and the other for all the remaining chicks. Of course not, it doesn't make sense to keep both chips in the same device. The reason for that is because cell phone companies charge a lot for calls to different companies, while calls between phones of the same company or even to land lines are very cheap.