Apple executives suggest iTV isn't coming anytime soon

By Shawn Knight
Aug 24, 2012
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  1. Despite rumors, speculation and even confirmation from Steve Jobs that he had finally "cracked it," an Apple television set still appears unlikely to turn up in the near future. Apple has publically stated that they will only enter a market……

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  2. Um, despite what you might think, ITV is a UK television studio, it's been around forever ( So, no matter what the Adolf Hitler of corporations thinks (Apple), ITV is a UK TV company not the worlds largest Foxconn rebranding company.
  3. 9Nails

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    The way I see it, place shifting, sharing media, skipping commercials, and retrieving local media are some of my key problems. And usage rights screws with most of those. Bid Media doesn't want me to watch a show that I record at home while at work. They won't let me watch it remote with someone at home. (Think deployed soldier who might want to watch TV with his wife at home.) They don't want me to store my DVD/Blue-Rays in a central media server so I can pull them up at ease. Apple cannot address many key problems because they originate at the content providers.
  4. I hope the reason why apple delay apple tv isn't caused by Samsung planned to immediately sue this as soon as possible when launched :p

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