Apple, Google and others questioned on data tracking


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Smartphone location tracking has become a hot topic over the past few days, after a report emerged last week claiming iPhones and iPads are quietly recording users' locations and saving the data to unencrypted files. Later it was clarified that the company is simply mapping nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers, as opposed to your exact location, and is doing so using anonymized data when users opt-in to their iOS device's location services.

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I think you can't expect much good from the politicians (because many of them receive 'donations' from the same or similar companies), but if there can be some good out of this, hopefully such tracking will be stopped and with reasonable punitive actions against the culprits.


ya! hope they stop tracking my phone calls too!!! they ALWAYS seem to know WHO i called, WHEN i called, and even how long I talked for!!! those dirty bastards!!!


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Location tracking: Creepy... actually, downright frightening.

Tracking who I call: Useful. Sorry, Guest, but I like being able to log into my web account and look at all of my call history.


@dotvezz Someone out there is saying EXACTLY what you just said saying "I like being able to log into my web account and at all of my location history"

by the way i was being sarcastic since there will ALWAYS be paranoid people like yourself and many others....

Big secret: noone gives a crap where you go, its for tower info and battery info to make better cellular service.