Apple iPad Keyboard Folio Round-up

By Jos ยท 5 replies
Nov 28, 2012
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  1. Tablet2Cases

    Tablet2Cases TS Rookie

    Sure, the Belkin design doesn't look as refined as the Zagg case, but its removable keyboard tray in effect gives the user two case styles for the price of one.
  2. I've looked at several, but as of yet not bought one; just can't convince myself there is a need for one.
  3. After using an iPad for over a year, and getting frustrated with the on screen keyboard, the surface is a breath of fresh air. It works so much better - I'm loving it
  4. From my point of view, the Zagg is the way to go. I use my ipad so much more than I would if I didn't have it. Some of my family members have bought them after they have seen mine in action. Thumbs up.
  5. beowulf

    beowulf TS Rookie

    The Zagg and Logitech keyboards look very nearly identical. Since Zagg sells the Folio case without the keyboard, would it be possible to use the Logitech keyboard with Zagg Folio case?

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