Apple quietly refreshes iPad line with higher capacities, lower prices

By Shawn Knight ยท 9 replies
Sep 7, 2016
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  1. Earlier today Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, wireless AirPods and a second-generation Apple Watch. The company even talked briefly about iOS 10, Apple Music, Pokémon Go, and a new Mario game, but something it failed to mention entirely was the iPad.

    The iPad’s omission from today’s event isn’t all that surprising considering it – and the tablet market in general – has cooled considerably with the advent of large-screen smartphones. That said, Apple didn’t forget the iPad entirely as it quietly updated the tablet’s storage options and pricing.

    Apple has killed off the 16GB and 64GB storage options for the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 2 and added 32GB and 128GB models where applicable. It’s a little complicated but… what you used to pay for the 16GB model is now the base price for the 32GB model and what you used to pay for a 64GB model now gets you 128GB.

    What’s more, models that already had 128GB options are now $100 cheaper for the same amount of storage.

    Capacity offerings remain the same across both the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the larger 12.9-inch variant with Apple instead slashing up to $100 off the price of the upper-tier tablets.

    The new pricing is effective immediately when purchasing from Apple’s online store, through the App Store app and in person at Apple retail stores.

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  2. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 3,325   +1,974

    Still way too many negatives for my shopping dollar ..... but as long as the stock keeps going up I'm all for it so everyone run out and buy yourself a new iPhone & iPad today!
  3. texasrattler

    texasrattler TS Addict Posts: 252   +76

    Cant buy what's not available. iPhone 7 is like 2 weeks away and pricing is only available from Apple at this time. Retail stores that aren't Apple like Target and Best Buy will likely change tomorrow or in the coming days.
  4. Greg S

    Greg S TechSpot Staff Posts: 1,066   +427

    A price cut from apple is actually pretty surprising. I guess they aren't liking the sales figures.
  5. trgz

    trgz TS Addict Posts: 221   +50

    ...but no mention of missing headphne socket eh? fanboy article
  6. trgz

    trgz TS Addict Posts: 221   +50

    sorry - early morning and I'm grumpy already and misread the iPad (thought I was on another thread) my apologies
  7. RedGuard

    RedGuard TS Enthusiast Posts: 53   +24

    It's alright.
  8. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 3,325   +1,974

    No worries ... probably just a strong case of Apple-Itus .....
  9. Knapper

    Knapper TS Rookie

    Perhaps the American people could refrain from buying all Apple products until Apple has settled up with the outstanding taxes that they have avoided paying . They are not just shortchanging the American Government , they are stealing from the very people who have shown product loyalty, the American people.
  10. Jack007

    Jack007 TS Booster Posts: 181   +42

    With these price drops and the price drops of screen repair at the applecare center I bet they really feeling the pinch of the economy.

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