Apple refreshes entry-level iPod touch, cuts prices on 32GB and 64GB models

Shawn Knight

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Apple on Thursday quietly launched its cheapest iPod touch yet, a revised 16GB model priced at just $199 (down from $229). The portable media player also gets a 5-megapixel iSight camera, a wrist strap and an array of color options...

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Why suddenly? It was a few times in the news, citing Apple itself, iPod Touch was reaching EOL, in the light of falling demand because of the iPhones.

And who would buy this product now? Anyone remotely interested in Apple products for himself or kids would get iPad Mini instead, the only logical choice.
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Getting this would make sense for someone like me. My work provides me a smartphone, and I already have my own cell phone (although it isn't a smartphone). So it doesn't make sense for me to buy an iPhone.

I won't get one because if I was going to buy a new iDevice it would either be an iPhone for my personal phone, or get an iPad of some flavor. However, I already have a 4th gen iPod touch that I got used off ebay. I mostly use my touch to stream netflix documentaries or something from amazon prime to fall asleep to at night. However occasionally I will use it to airplay something to my apple tv or some small games.

So this device isn't for me, but someone in a very similar situation that didn't already have an iPod it might make sense.


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For those prices, you damn straight! Even if you don't want your kids to have a phone, you would be stupid to buy these.
I see the main reason for getting an iPod is to play mp3's if it's inconvenient to use your phone for that but as you say, at Apples extortionist prices you'd be better off getting a SanDisk Sansa or a Sony Walkman and save a ton of cash in the process but you know iFans... always throwing good money after bad.