Apple releases iOS 6.1 with greater LTE support, Siri movie ticket sales

Shawn Knight

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Apple today released the first major update to iOS 6 since the operating system was released in September 2012. The update, aptly named iOS 6.1, includes a handful of bug fixes as well as a couple of new features –...

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It'll be nice to find out exactly what's changed and what's fixed. but this is apple we're talking about, who we're kiddin.


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I updated my iPhone 5 yesterday. The only feature I prayed for - and they have done, yes!- not to brick the phone as a result of the update.


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As everyone stayed away from new product introductions a day before the new Blackberrys are introduced, only Apple will introduce something they claimed is new - a 128 GB iPad, WTF? Is it really new? I've never met anyone coming close to maxing out their 32 GB model. Apple should give it a break and let RIM intro their new phone; everyone else is...


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Well, I installed it. Maps icon still tells me to drive off an overpass.

I can't see anything else. Pretty funny that a *.1 revision only fixes bugs, HA!