Apple reports quarterly earnings led by solid iPhone sales

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Jul 23, 2014
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  1. Apple on Tuesday posted fiscal third quarter results led by solid iPhone sales. The Cupertino-based company brought in $37.4 billion in revenues, up six percent compared to the year-ago quarter. Profit checked in at $7.75 billion, up from the $6.9...

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  2. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    Only 35.2 million? So why did they just order 70-80 million new model iPhones? Do they think it'll be such a great new and 'revolutionary' product that sales will more than double? Apple and their corporate BS... You know they're lying when their lips are flapping.
  3. That's 35.2m in the last 3 months, not in the last year. So yes, it is completely possible they could sell twice as much as that with 4 times as long to do so.

    How about you work on your reading comprehension before going on a 'hurr Apple are bad' rant.
  4. Demand is much higher after a new iPhone model is released. For instance, when the iPhone 5s was released, it sold 9 million units in is first weekend alone, which is already 25% of this latest quarterly report.
    Also, you do comprehend what a "quarter" is, don't you?
    And the fellow guest above me is right. The way the regular commenters on this site jump at every chance of attacking Apple without even knowing what they are talking about is getting beyond ridiculous. You people are becoming even more annoying than the blind Apple fanatics.
  5. Railman

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    My wife recently purchased a iPad and she loves it but I still prefer to use an old fashion PC. There have been quite a few companies who have announced disappointing sales figures for tablets so it does appear that the market is now saturated with them. It always fills me with joy when analysts are proved wrong.

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