Apple, Samsung force Panasonic out of consumer handset business

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Panasonic has officially pulled out of the Japanese smartphone race and will instead outsource production in emerging markets like India. Panasonic president Kazuhiro Tsuga said it isn’t acceptable for the company to be bleeding red ink like they are so...

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TS Evangelist
Apple and samsung didn't force panasonic out of the consumer handset business its that they didn't go with the flow and continue to innovate like apple and samsung did which is why they were left out same as nokia they were big back in the day but now look at them they have such a tiny market its unbelievable.

Panasonic can only blame themselves as if they kept up with products and innovation like apple and samsung did they would be just as big as them maybe not worldwide but in japan ye.


TS Ambassador
Panasonic not like it use to be on top of the electronic industry they seem to have pulled back for some odd reason. Quasar from Motorola was taken over by Matsushita Electronic Corporation of America (MECA) which former company is not called Panasonic Corporation name changed in 2008. Still what's going on with this company?