Apple starts testing iTunes Match, adds music streaming


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Update: Apparently what looked like a “stream” is really a simultaneous listen and download — users can hear the song while their machine ingests it. Apple is said to have streaming…

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Those that are matched -- even the ones that have been downloaded illegally -- will become available for download onto your devices as if you've purchased them via iTunes

I'm willing to bet this is some sort of con to catch pirates. Apple making non-iTunes content more usable in iTunes? Not in a million years


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users can hear the song while their machine ingests it
This would be bad for the users with slower internet connections right? It would probably freeze a little bit until more of the song is being downloading or something... I"m not sure... I just think about it as the way YT videos are streamed.You're basically downloading the video as you watch it. That's just my opinion though...