Apple TV updated with five new channels, including HBO Go and ESPN


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Apple TV owners have had very limited options for streaming content beyond iTunes and a handful of third party sources -- at least without recurring to jailbreaking and other hacks. But today the small set-top box is getting a couple...

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Does this affect the cost at all? ESPN is by far the most expensive channel in a cable package and since they are the only sports network they jack up the price every time the contract is up. Maybe Apple is big enough (or has deep enough pockets) to keep them reasonable.

(Great pic too, Theon is about to get knocked over the head there isn't he?)


Guess what! You cannot use HBO Go on the Apple TV if you are a DirecTV subscriber. How retarded is that?


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Apple, please concentrate a little more in the UK, I got an AppleTV for Netflix and AirPlay but it would be nice if it had BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4od etc... Since they're free services over here anyway surely you could strike up a deal with them?

Also, can you not add Love Film? Would be nice to have more than Netflix for streaming services over here as options on your box.