Apple's CES ad takes aim at rivals with privacy boast


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Spotted by Engadget’s Chris Velazco, Apple’s trollish ad is a play on the famous phrase: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” changing the “in Vegas” parts to “on your iPhone.” The black and white image also includes an outline of an iPhone XS and Apple’s privacy webpage address.

The massive billboard isn’t far from the convention center where CES takes place, so it will doubtlessly be seen by thousands of attendees, as well as companies showing off their wares.

2018 was the year when users’ privacy and what companies do with this information was thrust into the spotlight. The biggest culprit was, of course, Facebook, which found itself making headlines numerous times throughout the last 12 months. Cambridge Analytica, data-sharing agreements, security issues, exposed photos, and special relationships with other firms all led the social network to be voted the least-trusted tech company.

But it wasn’t just Facebook that came under criticism for its less than stellar approach to privacy and security. Google announced it was closing Google+ after discovering a bug that exposed some private user data to third parties. The company brought the shuttering date forward following the discovery of another data leak in December.

In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out against the ethics of Big Data companies and those that supply them the personal information of customers. At a European privacy conference, he reiterated that Apple believed “the customer is not our product,” a message that’s being repeated at CES.

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So for that to be true, you'd have to 1. Trust Apple and 2. Avoid all Google and social media apps. Well if privacy is a serious concern, you can take it much further with Android by using 100% open source apps. You can also pay multitudes less for your phone if you choose.

Flash LineageOS (open source android without proprietary code), don't flash GAPPS (Google Apps), don't install social media apps. Download Fdroid to find open source apps. If an app from Play Store is absolutely required, install Yalp Store from Fdroid to acquire it without a Google account.

Edit: Thought I should add, for anyone who goes this route, be aware that many apps from the Play Store require Google Services to function.
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Thought I should add, for anyone who goes this route, be aware that many apps from the Play Store require Google Services to function.
And there we have it folks, most Android apps need the Google Services to function and Google planned it this way. Amazing how the "don't be evil" mentality is thrown out the window when money is to be made.


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Apple claims are more or less hollow. Despite all my likeness for Tim Cook as a person. He talks a lot of sense and not I'm not Apple fanboy having only 2 devices, I'm PC master race to the core :D. Yes Cupertino cult (see, see ;P) treat privacy more seriously than all of major competitors, but...

#1. Technology like TouchID/FaceID is very easy to circumvent. The only real protection is good old solid password. Imagine situation. You hold some super secret data on your phone, tablet or laptop. Criminals can fool Touch ID by cutting your finger. FaceID is even easier. You can be shot and your dead head will still unlock device without issues. With password you have to be literally tortured to death and you still may not disclose the "unlock key". Simple logic.

#2. You can't opt-out of iCloud anymore. In itself it is vast spy network and don't allow Apple to fool you. You could opt-out in iOS11, you can't in 12. Granted every Apple program ask for permissions to access stuff, but when you give access to e.g. Camera, you have no control whatsoever what that app with access doing with it - just like Android. Privacy? Having a laugh, even simple Photo-manager can broadcast your entire Photo library every hour to the world when you give access to Library and user hasn't got a clue. There were numerous comparisons between Apple, Google, MS and whoever else from major players and services like Runbox. Apple compared to major competitors scored marginally better only on privacy front, but it was trounced by services which really put privacy on top of the pile (e.g. Runbox). Worst, some Apple services won't work properly/at all if you're not in iCloud. In this day and age there is no such thing as privacy, but to limit your 'digital visibility' don't believe a word what major corporations say about privacy. Yes that include EPIC claims about their new store.

One word of explanation. I don't work for Runbox. Just using their services so I can compare first hand between Apple and Runbox. No longer using any services from Google or MS. These two are just like Nurgle's Rot.