Apple's FaceTime and iMessage hit with service outages

Shawn Knight

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Apple's FaceTime video chat and iMessage texting application both experienced downtime for the better part of Sunday afternoon. The outage meant that an unknown number of iPad, iPhone and iMac users were left having to find alternate methods to keep...

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Wow it really goes to show the state of consumers when something is down for five hours and they start complaining. Maybe the Apple crowd has no real patience. I bet they complain when they have to stand in line too. Oh wait, thats t he only time Apple fans ever behave themselves. Waiting in line outside their favorite corporate giants store. I mean really five hours, its nothing in the grand scheme of a individuals life. It just seems to me that ppl are getting more and more impatient and want INSTANT gratification. News Flash: The World doesnt revolve around you, experts say "Grow the hell up!"


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iMessage is a major 'feature' of the iOS. Just like being able to make calls is a feature of a landline phone. And editing a Word document a feature of PCs. Or Internet access a feature of ISPs.

If you were without a landline/Word/Internet for 5 hours, you'd be displeased too. You paid for the product, you expect a certain uptime.