Apple's proposed spaceship campus goes way over budget

By Shawn Knight ยท 30 replies
Apr 4, 2013
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  1. Yes, you are correct that smaller companies too can take advantage of the tax codes. But the original point that you've drifted from is that wage earners (the folks who are the overwhelming force of the tax base in any country) cannot take advantage of those specific codes.

    Nice bit of "research" you did on the taxes various big corps paid. Good thing everything on the Internet is correct and true, ey? Having posted your "research" (which is nothing more than SEC filings that are public as required by law) you have yet to produce the actual IRS and state tax filings (that are private as required by law). Naivety is rooted in believing whatever one wants to believe.
  2. davislane1

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    The potential for this misunderstanding is why I italicized business income in my original post. Of course individuals can't file under corporate structures!

    I had expected this type of response, so I've bolded the critical portion of your post. SEC filings for publicly traded companies are required by law (Sarbanes-Oxley and a couple other bills) to be validated by outside accounting firms who audit the reports. There is no rational justification for subscribing to the belief that they are inherently dubious.

    "You have yet to provide information that you cannot provide. Therefore, your evidence is invalid!"

    Maybe if you stare at a clock long enough you'll understand the fundamental problem with this sequence of reasoning. But make sure it's not a digital, otherwise the flaw might not come around to you.

    And you would end your rebuttal with a magnificent feat of irony. You, sir, are my hero. (y)
  3. Not surprisingly, you've stooped to making personal attacks. I'm done here now, and will simply leave you to your perfect world.

    In the meantime, since you like doing research, how about trying these simple subjects: How the independent accounting firm Ernst & Young assisted its client Lehman Brothers in a massive fraud, how Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase recently scooted away from Sarbanes-Oxley prosecution by simply changing accounting methods, or the role the bond rating agencies (you know, the folks who are supposed to be "independent and impartial evaluators of value") played in bringing about the Great Recession, or how the Banks Too Big to Fail used TARP funds simply as cash cows to throw at off-shore investments that did nothing for the U.S. economy.

    I could go on about the privilege enjoyed by the rich and powerful but I doubt you could see the truth through your rose colored glasses. Adios!
  4. davislane1

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    Simply hitting the ball I was served.

    As for the events you've listed... These are truisms. I could add to your list the fraud that occurred for years at Peregrine Financial, Goldman Sachs' involvement with the housing bubble, how colleges and universities are profiting at the expense of their students, how QE is going to line the pockets of financial elites and corporations, General Electric's tax free $12 billion or so pay off a few years back, and several other instances of money and power coming together to throw the common citizenry under the bus. To deny the insidious nature of the elite class is to deny reality.

    However, this discussion has been about whether or not large corporations pay significant taxes, not the corruptness of the system. You asserted that they do not and labeled me as naive when I presented evidence to the contrary, backing it up with a circular argument. If my response to this was a little too pedestrian, I'll concede to that error. As you leave, you've still yet to provide anything beyond conjecture to support your objection.
  5. The cost will be more way over budget than this, because apple wants the campus made with unibody design just like their product, milled from a single block :D
  6. avoidz

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    Somehow, it'll all be Samsung's fault.

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