Apple's tablet market share drops 15 percent as Android sees growth

Shawn Knight

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The latest worldwide tablet market report from research firm IDC shows that the category as a whole is seeing slowed growth. Perhaps more interesting, however, is that Apple's dominance seems to be dwindling at a pretty significant pace.

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Might be 50% for the ipad, but keep in mind that the Android devices basically count as one. So Android now has ~45% of the market share...


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My observation from personal experience is that if you want to have the most flexibility in terms of storage, files and media that the device plays, want general interoperability between devices and different operating systems WITHOUT need for additional application, then get an Android. If you want to only consume streaming media, buy apps in a single place, and be restricted to a single manufacturer, then get Apple.

Both high end Android and Apple tablets are about equal in terms of power, resolution, and price points.

And of course if you want to be frustrated to the point of taking your new device to the shooting range, then get Windows RT...


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And the limits of these gadgets marketshare appear on the horizon. I see the rumors of the demise of the desktop have been exaggerated, yet again.

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