Archos unwraps five Android-based media players, tablets

Matthew DeCarlo

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Archos has expanded its tablet line with five new devices spanning from 2.8 to 10.1-inches. The company opted for a straightforward naming convention, with each slate's model number representing its display size: 28, 32, 43, 70, and 101 (sans decimals obviously). At their core, they all share similar specifications and features: Android 2.2, support for Flash 10.1, an ARM Cortex A8 processor, 802.11 Wi-Fi as well as tethering and hotspot functionality on devices with 3G.

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I don't care for the phone I just want to know who the Asian is on the far left and what move/show/clip its from


Can't wait for members market place and google apps hacks on these new Archos tablet. Android tablet are here!

yes, Archos have there own apps store call "AppsLib". So the Market apps and all of google apps are not installed when you purchase the Archos tablet.


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Market app vendor licensing issues with AuGen Gentouch78, and the rest of the from China iPad replicated MID (mobile internet device) aPad, ePad, ePed, iRobot and such all seem to suffer from Google Android Market app blues. There are other so call Market app to use or just download the *.apk yourself. Still this new line seems much better than the prior line. The one for $99 bucks seems good but does it have offer a microSDHC expandability? Are these going to be fixed storage rates like you get with the present crop from Apple iPad. AuGen Gentouch78 online fans have Rooted their Gentouch78 making it peak at 660Mhz from TeleChip 800MHz, giving you access to all sort of Root apps you can run. Still for $149 to $169 to me it's the cheapest deal around. Next this from China would be Gome Flytouch but that offers you 3G and more and it looks like a 7" iPad, but China calls it iRobot ePad. Suppose to get 533Mhz but it really only 350MHz on VRMxx. iPad using Cortex A8 1GHz but really it's only 800MHz. The next Cortex A9 dual core would be something to have. Right now I see that Archos new line starts off at 600MHz and up to 1GHz.


Hell yeah. I was gonna get the Cowon J3, but the Archos 43 seems like a better buy. I have to see how the Android OS and see how well it performs on this device. If it's good enough, I'll definitely buy it.