Ashton Kutcher to portray Steve Jobs in upcoming indie film

Shawn Knight

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Ashton Kutcher will portray Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an upcoming film titled “Jobs.” The movie will begin filming in May during a break from Kutcher’s role in “Two and…

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A movie... really? Sad thing is apple fanboys are going to lap it up like crazy, wouldn't be surprised if tickets cost more because Apple stick their logo on them.


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I was hoping this was an April Fools' joke when the news surfaced last night


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More proof that Hollywood has run out of ideas. I also thought this was an April Fool's joke when I saw it. :p


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TomSEA said:
More proof that Hollywood has run out of ideas.
I don't know... historical movies based on facts are regular topics. What I wonder is if they'll be honest. Since he's dead I expect them to paint him as a hero and a wonderful person. WIRED magazine had a large section devoted to him after he passed and made him sound like a guy who'd be a perfect father and gentleman. Pretty different from all the stories over the last 15-20 years.

Your proof that they're running out of ideas can be found in the talk about remaking the Tom Clancy movies starring Jack Ryan. Hunt for Red October and the like....


I contemplated which of the two I could care less about and determined I don't give a rats patooty about either of them equally.


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The Pirates of Silicon Valley is still the best movie.
Agreed. Wasn't it a TBS movie? Surprised it didn't make the big screen.

Couldn't they at least try to find an actor than can act?
Not a fan of Kutcher...although he was pretty good in The Butterfly Effect.
He was good in Butterfly Effect. I'm sure he can act, he just gets mostly stupid roles. Just like Jim Carrey can act too once you get him away from his stupid antics; see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind.


Not surprised, this reflects the average Apple product user perfectly.


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What's up with all the Apple hate on this website? There's far more "Apple-hater" fanboyism than there are Apple fanboys. You can't deny Steve Jobs was an amazing man. Grow up.


Chris Hedges is an amazing man, Noam Chomsky is an amazing man, Herman Melville was an amazing man

Steve Jobs was a self-interested manipulator with the moral backbone of a cockroach

so yeah, maybe we can call him an amazing man: it's amazing that anyone's sorry he died


I have a block of cheese - can they make a film about that instead ?

The cheese does have historical significance unlike Watermelon or Apple or whatever.



Hollywood was going to make a Pirates of Silicon Valley 2... but Jonny Depp said no.