Aspire X1200 XP Pro install

By hopmah
Apr 6, 2010
  1. I know this has been flogged to death. I have read the threads on several forums and still can't seem to get this to work. Can some one give me a step by step procedure for this with links to the drivers. I'm using the XP Pro that came with my ACER Ferrari 3400 that had heat issues that killed the MB. VISTA caused heart burn and all my software runs on XP. I need to get this resolved so my business can get back up to speed. Rancher and all my breeding records are on the XP.
  2. mailpup

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    If you are trying to install Windows XP Pro on your Acer, you realize that any records you already have on the PC will be wiped out, correct?
  3. hopmah

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    Not a problem. Vista was such a bear that nothing of consequence ever ended up on it. All my XP files were backed up on disks and a external 500gb HD. What I really need is some very clear easy to follow instructions on how to do this. My local Computer Repair shops will not do this for me. Policy is that if the original MFR doesn't recommend it or support it they wont do it. Me I know livestock and a little about the computer.
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    I guess you already know that Acer does not offer any XP compatible drivers, only Vista and Windows 7. Without those drivers your PC with XP installed will not work properly. If you can't get drivers from the PC manufacturer, you might not be able to get them anywhere, at least not all of them. Anyway, sorry, I don't have a driver source for you.

    You might consider a custom built PC with a Windows XP compatible motherboard. I build my own PCs and the motherboards I've looked at still support XP with drivers. I suppose there might be exceptions but there are still plenty of XP compatible boards out there. Of course, I mean for a shop to build it for you for your needs and specifications.
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