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ASUS DRW 2014L1T Firmware flash 96% complete ?

By Rab2140
Jun 17, 2008
  1. Hello all, I bought a ASUS DRW 2014L1T dvd drive brand new off ebay the other week. Today I decided to look on asus's website to check for a firmware update and there was one.

    My dvd drive was ver 1.00 and i was upgrading to ver 1.2 it had faster burning speeds apparently.

    So i download the firmware and it is a .exe so i click on it and the firmware flash was progression normally with the dvd rom lights flickering as normal and then at 96% it just stopped and the lights stopped flickering. I left it for another 30mins and then just closed the exe.

    So i check my bios details and windows details and it says my dvd drive is now ver 1.2 and it reads dvd ok.

    So am i to assume that the flash was a sucess? i tried flashing with previous versions and it said the exact same thing ( 96% complete). I will just assume that the flash went ok.

    I did all this because my dvd drive makes a weird noise when ready discs like a scratchy grindy noise like the lens is scraping or something. But it is brand new and i cant see it being broke.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Rab2140

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    i have just realised i have posted in the wrong categorie. Sorry about that ill go over to the right one now.
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