Asus intros 13.3-inch VivoBook S300 with touchscreen, Windows 8

Matthew DeCarlo

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Asus has expanded its VivoBook line with a new model that offers an in-between alternative to the existing 11.6 and 14-inch models. As with its siblings, the 13.3-inch VivoBook S300 has an ultrabook-like body, weighing between three and four pounds...

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But why does it have to look like a MacBook Air? Can't Windows machines have their own distinctive styling?


Like everyone else does in the computer busnies
STEAL STEAL STEAL and blame other for stealing what you stole...
so it is the mac design but here it work better (have tried a mac air) it is as thick as the main part of this (so screen ticknes extra to asus) but its a great computer with all conection you whould need so not blame asus for stealing
instead go where apple stole in the first place