Asus juggling new Eee PCs, Eee Pad, e-book readers

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Asus is juggling quite the number of low-powered devices behind the scenes. According to industry sources cited by DigiTimes, Asus will unveil its rumored Eee Pad at Computex in June. The device is said to carry an Nvidia Tegra chip -- most likely second-generation -- and will cost under $500.

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I just saw my first EeeTop PC today. Sexy little beast! It is an all-in-one desktop panel with a touch screen. I've also seen an engineering sample computer, where the computer is built-in to the keyboard. And the 10-key has been replaced with a touch display which can be used for your OS screen or as a second monitor with quick-access keys setup as you like. I'm really starting to like Asus' new products a lot.


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Can't wait till these things are released in schools, It'd be a lot convenient than bringing a bunch of 10lb books. Probably not going be used in the education system in my school career. :/
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