Asus M2n-e SLI drivers/BIOS

By Mazrim
Jan 29, 2009
  1. Hi all, I have been searching the net for the most current nforce chipset drivers and BIOS to flash my MB, but I run into some issues. First, when I go to the Asus website, the chipset is not listed at all: The nforce chipset reads as 500 SLi MCP, yet there IS no 500 series listed. I also checked and it's the same there as well. Second issues is that I am not sure if the BIOS available on Asus' site is for the SLi series of MB's, as it only lists the heading as the M2n-e. Since I have dual 8800's running, flashing with the wrong BIOS would fubar the SLi config, and I could very well make it so I cant even see my desktop let alone game graphics etc. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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    Yes - this was exactly where I was at.

    The reason I think I have a BIOS and/or chipset problem is because while playing WoW, with only one card I run 40-55 FPS with no issues and settings to near max. However when running SLi, my FPS drops to 13, and I get a very bad graphics stutter and lag if I attempt to pan the camera around in ANY area, no matter how many or few people there are in the given area. Some people are saying that WoW doesn't like to run in SLi, but I built this system in 2007 and had NEVER had any problems playing in SLi mode until recently.
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