ASUS P5E3 D - Initial POST misses onboard LAN

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Dec 14, 2008
  1. Here's a novel problem. When I enter BIOS for the first time (like after cmos data lost or mobo battery removed to reset), the BIOS setup screen does not "see" several things. The on-board wireless LAN does not show up as a device to enable/disable under the onboard devices tab. Also the ExpressGate feature (on the BOOT tab) does not show up (can't enable/disable) it similarly. Anyway, on subsequent re-boots, the BIOS set up screen then shows both of these features...not very confidence inspiring from the folks at ASUS. Anyone have an explanation?
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    Have you tried updating/flashing the bios? Go HERE and select motherboard--->Socket 775--->Your motherboard, then select your operating system.

    Please note, Incorrectly flashing the bios can cause your motherboard to not work anymore. Do so at your own risk.

    If you decide to flash the bios, afterwards please post back and let us know if the issue has been resolved.


    I see you beat me to the punch once again kimsland. Nice to know we were thinking the same thing though.
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    lol :) But I linked directly to the Motherboard though, not just the support page :p
    Anyway great minds .. :)
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    Hey thanks for the help - to both of you. I did flash up to 1404 with no joy. problem still persists. Anytime I do a first time bios update the setup screen sees neither the Express Gate feature (allowing me to disable/enable) nor the Onboard WiFi (ditto). Subsequent entries into setup "see" both features...its annoying b/c i essentially have to perform setup twice to get the configuration I want. I'm starting to think this is one TURKEY of a mobo...I've had to DOWNCLOCK my ram (OCZ 1800 ddr3 - they are ON the QVL!!) to 1200 b/c the board won't handle my 9450 quad with fast ram without hanging intermittantly at higher speeds. The tech help at OCZ essentially TOLD me the board doesn't place nice with fast ram...and now I have this anomylous bios/setup behavior...inexcusable!

    Thanks for your input - any other thoughts and I'd be grateful.

    I will add that I'm using 3 x 1G sticks of RAM...seems like everyone either has 2G or 4G...could that be a problem? Only reason I only bought 3G is b/c supposedly XP can only see (and use) up to 3.2G...
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