Asus U46SV ultraportable notebook available for preorder

By Matthew
Sep 22, 2011
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  1. With the constant flurry of ultrabook announcements, thin and light machines have lost some of their wow factor in recent months. Nonetheless, Asus' latest design is pretty attractive if you're…

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  2. mosu

    mosu TS Guru Posts: 474   +84

    At 4.85 lbs it's not quite an ultrabook, in my book it must be lighter than 4 lbs
  3. Raswan

    Raswan TS Enthusiast Posts: 279

    Read the article again. He never said it was an ultrabook, just an ultraportable notebook.
  4. Same specs and a little less in a couple areas as the Gateway ID47 thats available in Canada and 200$ more. I paid 649 for my ID47. 6GB Ram, i5-2410, GT540M, 750GB HD, 14" 1366x768 in a 13inch sized laptop. ID47H03H (Available only in Canada though) the US version of the ID47 doesnt have the 540m.

    Almost an exact replica, although I like to look of the Asus one a bit better but aesthetics aside the Gateway offers a little more for less $$.

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