Asus ZenBook 14 UX425E Review: Intel Tiger Lake Powered


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So basically Intel has ditched thermal limitations to get best single core clocks, that's worrying for reliability and doesn't bode well for the 10nm node.


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But why is this ZenBook specifically lagging behind? I'm seeing the other TL notebooks performing better than it (underwhelming though). Is Asus not good at making favourable power configurations in comparison to its competitors?


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Not bad, but also not very exciting. It seems like TGL really needs high power and cooling to excel but in a reasonably priced (and that‘s already a stretch considering that this is a $ 1,000+ model) thin and light it can‘t deliver.

What would be interesting to see is how the battery life compares to other models. It does sound pretty good though.
I purchased this laptop for work and daily use. I find the laptop to be an awesome choice.
So far so good, everything loads up fast, screen is crisp. Quite pleased with both the hardware and the software. Comes with a bonus branded laptop sleeve (pretty decent look and quality). Could tell this product was put together quite thoughtfully. I may very well become a new fan of the Asus brand.