Asus Zenbook Infinity with Gorilla Glass exterior unveiled at Computex 2013

David Tom

TS Addict
Computex 2013 has already proven to be an excellent marketing venue for Asus, and it’s only been one day. Following up on its promise, the Taiwanese company has unveiled the new Zenbook Infinity, becoming the very first laptop to sport...

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IT Overlord
Gorilla glass is thie ****! I have been thinking of removing the coating on my U3011 and replacing it with Gorilla glass. I've beat the crap out of my Droid4 and the screen still looks new and works perfect. Not so much on my GF's iPhone 4.


In fact, an ASUS project manager said that the laptop had to undergo several drop tests prior to its release, although it might be unwise to test this theory.
I know people who will disagree...


It's not "surprising" that there's a touchscreen, when it has been

forced on manufacturers by noob intel; touchscreen is now a part of the

ultrabook specification --_--.