At least three studios allegedly removed DLSS support before launch due to AMD sponsorships

nVidia's approach is, frankly, offensive.
Not sure how much credit you give Digital Foundry, but here's their latest video with them comparing the DLSS mod on Starfield vs the built-in FSR implementation:
Why you're so desperate for FSR to become the only solution, I'll never understand.
Not sure how much credit you give Digital Foundry, but here's their latest video with them comparing the DLSS mod on Starfield vs the built-in FSR implementation:
Why you're so desperate for FSR to become the only solution, I'll never understand.
It works on anything. DLSS is the better upscaling tech, I never argued otherwise. I said that I support FSR because it supports all platforms
The very idea that upscaling tech is nessecary and now a selling point is unacceptable.
If the use of upscaling was undetectable, in terms of what the results looked like on-screen, few would really consider it unacceptable. Especially given that the only alternative is to have GPUs sport significantly more processing capability -- that's not just more shader cores, but substantially faster memory systems (cache and VRAM) too. This would mean GPUs become even larger than they already are and consume more power; both of which means graphics cards would be more expensive.

Sound business strategies do not equit to a positive outcome for consumers.
Not always it doesn't, but just look back at the number of GPU companies that have come and gone over the years because they didn't have sound strategies. I should imagine there are few consumers who would be happy with the dGPU market being completely monopolized, but AMD needs to be more than just a purveyor of good consumer practices and value-for-money products.

Nvidia's first half-year net income, for its graphics sector, was 4 times greater than AMD's Gaming net income (which covers console SoCs, custom SoC, and Radeon GPUs). In fact, its entire net income over this period was more than AMD's total revenue. Regardless of how one may feel about either company, the future of Radeon graphics cards depends on AMD doing something about its margins.
And rightly so, as FSR 2.0 is a really solid piece of algorithm engineering by AMD. As a pure shader-based system, it produces better results than Intel's HLSL-version of XeSS and Nvida's NIS (both of which work in a similar manner to FSR).
yeah, I tried NIS once, it's better to end it here. It was a dlss1/fsr1-like experience. Aviod. Dunno how it's better than dropping resolution scale in any way.

The problem for AMD, though, is that it doesn't help very much with the selling of Radeon graphics cards. By making something that can be used on any vendor's GPU, there's no clear route for recouping the money invested into the R&D of FSR (and this includes the upcoming frame generation system).
that's why I don't understand the overabundance of sponsorships. you'd think a company on such a tight r/d budget wouldn't sponsor half of this year's big releases. nothing wrong with it per se, but as an amd card owner, I'd rather see that money invested into better features for my card than their logo on the game loading screen and nvidia performance nerfing. Owning both 6800 and 3080, I feel like I'm not gaining much for 6800 and losing for 3080. The card hasn't gotten any faster compared to 3080 (recent vs launch day results)
and it's like making nvidia run poor is amd's plan more than making their cards better.
I'm sighing as I look over at my pitch fork leaning in the corner...

Do I actually have the energy? No.

I've come to realize that all for profit public companies can only be trusted as far as you can throw them. All of them focus on profits above all else. A good one has a line they won't cross, somewhere. Bad ones, well those are just the good ones that decided they'd cross that line just this once. Remember Alphabet's stated mandate was "don't be evil" (a dig at M$) until 2018, when they quietly disavowed it.

I can recall every tech company crossing that line at some point. Both AMD and Nvidia have... cooked drivers to increase benchmarking scores, had exclusivity deals that blocked some tech from their competitor, overlooked if not outright lied about certain products abilities, withheld inventory to increase hype and maintain an outrageous MSRP, etc, etc.

In my experience it's only the real fanbois that get totally bent out of shape over their one only's competitor doing something shady. But they always seem to gloss over the fact that previously it was their darling doing something just as shady...
That's because Nvidia did and continue to do more and worse.
If you like Nvidia black pattern of artificial market segmentation it's your choice. I prefer to expose them till they stop.
And it is OK for me and many other forum users that you are unable to see and recognize Nvidia wrongdoings. Calling Nvidia wrongdoings it seems that bother you too personally, to the point that you make in your imagination too much suppositions about me.
When nvidia is currently not involved in a sh***y scandal, outside of pricing where the majority of both line ups suck, and people feel the need every single time anyone even fathoms to criticise AMD, immediately re: bringing up nvidias past just to claim they're worse? Yeah I'm pretty happy with my suppositions and position in general mate. Perhaps consider how accurate yours may also be. I'm calling out anything any company does that I don't like, but I tend to avoid bringing up something another has done, when the conversation is about one being terrible and the particular situation at hand, sounds like whataboutism to me. Keep doing you, I don't mind, I'm not here for fake internet points, I'm here to say my bit, and the more you or basically anyone replies the more I see how correct my pov is. Enjoy and no hard feelings eh.