AT&T/Bellsouth Now throttling torrents?

By racerx509
Jul 14, 2008
  1. I've had bellsouth internet for the past 8 years, with little change. I run a DD'd WRT54g with overclocking enabled, QOS services turned on, port forwarding, DMZ and 1/2 my full upload speed throttled for torrents. I've had 3mb, upgraded to 6mb dsl for the past 8 years. Things have remained status quo here for the most part, but I've noticed over this past year, as of 2008, my torrent downloads have gotten progressively slower. My modem is an old (circa 2001) westell 2200 dsl modem.

    This has never been an issue in the 4 years or so that I"ve been running alternate firmware on my switch, but lately, my connection goes all but dead running torrents. The torrents don't even have to download quickly. A connection speed of 34k a second down, with 15k a second up (upload throttled via my switch), will take my 6mb connection down to less than 1mb a second. Even torrents with multiple seeds and leeches will rarely reach speeds of over 100k a second (witness my 3 hour download for a top gear torrent with over 400 seeds and 1100 leeches). After discontinuing torrent use, the connection goes immediately back to full speed. Oh yea....I run with port forwarding enabled, and a machine in DMZ (for vncing in and doing remote downloads) for utorrent to use. d.

    This is completely new. Nothing has changed on my end, and the only thing that has happened recently is an AT&T line technician coming out to check my phone line for noise. THis only begs the question, as to whether AT&T is monkeying with torrents?

    Anyone else notice this? They've already *****d themselves to the government, so I figured it was only a matter of time before they became *****s of the media as well.
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