AT&T to showcase 'what's next in wireless' on July 16

Shawn Knight

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AT&T recently sent e-mails to members of the tech press informing them of a big announcement coming July 16. We’re hearing that the company isn’t planning a big event in a city like you’d see with a smartphone launch, which...

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102Mpbs, so finally speeds that meet the requirement for being called '4G'. That's great, but personally I'm more concerned with coverage than maximum speed. 10Mpbs serves me fine for my usage, and I'd prefer to have that 10Mpbs in more places than be able to get 100Mpbs in one place.

I suppose AT&T needs to separate themselves from the competition though. If you want coverage and don't care about price you go with Verizon. If you want a good price and don't care about coverage you go with T-mobile. AT&T is priced like Verizon, without as much coverage. They used to have the iphone exclusivity, but that's gone now, and many of those who signed up with AT&T for the iPhone may have left. Maybe LTE Advanced will give them a boost.
If you don't care about coverage or price and your favorite color is yellow, then go with Sprint.


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While I love the LTE/LTE Advance speeds I don't care as much about them as long I'm on a data plan. I have the Galaxy S4, so it's like having a Mercedes SLK AMG and only having enough gas to take it to the grocery store and back a couple times a month.

As for Voice over LTE, screw that. It wastes so much battery life, the voice quality over HSPA and EDGE is good enough.