AT&T will hold exclusive rights to the Nokia Lumia 920 for six months

Shawn Knight

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We've known that AT&T would have exclusive rights to the Nokia Lumia 920 in the US for some time now but just how long that exclusivity would last has remained a mystery - until now. The latest news indicates the...

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The odds of people holding out half a year to pick up a phone that would be equally as dated seems really slim if you ask me

Yep, not this reader. Too bad I aited this long for Nokia 920; very disappointed with Nokia's decision. I am looking at HTC 8X or SG3 to get in the next few weeks.


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Yeah those are AT&T training videos.

As for the exclusivity thing, it only says the 920 will be exclusive for 6 months. There could still be a 9xx variant headed to Verizon, or so I've heard...


IMO, instead of getting back customers, they are going so exclusive that few people will buy it, and Indeed in 6 months Lumia 920 will be history, people will be getting GS3 and other phones, I am very disappointed.


It does not matter what carrier has the phone, Microsoft fanboy's will buy them, because they are to stupid to do anything else.


AT&T for six months?? Nooooooo...!!! I cannot wait anymoooaaarrr!!


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What about UK users? My contract is up next month and I am torn between this or the new HTC.
I could stick with my HD7, it's lasted me 2 years and is still completely fine, still, that doesn't bode well for me when creating WP8 apps...